Durana Elmi: Bridging the Gap between Health and Nutrition

Durana Elmi

It was with the simple yet effective idea of filling the nutritional gaps in our diet, Durana Elmi along with her husband Shahab Elmi created Cymbiotika.

By combining scientific innovation with traditional Eastern medicine, Cymbiotika offers a line of supplements that improves our overall wellbeing and enables us to choose a healthier and sustainable alternative for our body.

According to Durana, the Cymbiotika products are sourced from only the highest quality plant-based ingredients and utilize the most advanced absorption technology. In this Interview with Exeleon Women Magazine, she talks about the pain point that led to the start of Cymbiotika, her vision, and her fitness ideologies.

How would you describe your philosophy on health and fitness?

For me, health and fitness serve as the very core of how we navigate our lives. They’re not isolated aspects but rather the driving forces behind everything we do. When you prioritize your health and maintain your fitness, you’re essentially equipping yourself with the energy, clarity, and resilience needed to tackle each day with confidence and purpose. It’s a holistic approach that encompasses physical vitality, mental well-being, and the determination to overcome challenges.

Talk to us about your growing up years. What is your earliest memory as an entrepreneur that you can remember?

My journey as a leader and entrepreneur traces back to my childhood. I have fond memories of forming clubs with my friends and naturally taking on leadership roles within them. This early inclination towards guiding, supporting, and inspiring others planted the seeds of leadership in me. As I reflect on those moments, I realize that even then, I found fulfillment in being someone who could rally others towards a common goal. It’s these foundational experiences that eventually led me on the path of leadership and entrepreneurship.

My entrepreneurial journey began when we (my husband Shahab Elmi & I) owned our first Cricket Wireless store – it was then that I realized I loved the notion of being my own boss and owning my own time.

What was the pain point that led to the start of Cymbiotika? What was the idea behind its name?

Cymbiotika was conceived out of a significant pain point that emerged during our personal health journeys. Through our experiences, my husband Shahab Elmi and I realized that there was a notable lack of transparency within the wellness industry, especially when we started to consider what we were giving to our young daughters. This gap left many people unsure about the quality and efficacy of the health products they were using. The inception of Cymbiotika was driven by a shared desire to bridge this gap and provide people with transparent products they could truly trust.

As for the name “Cymbiotika,” it’s a reflection of the harmonious relationship we aim to create between our bodies and the products we offer. The name encapsulates the idea of symbiosis – a mutually beneficial interaction between us and nature. It signifies the balance we strive for, where our products nourish and support the body, enabling individuals to thrive in synergy with their surroundings.

What approach does Durana Elmi follow in maintaining her own fitness level?

Maintaining my fitness level is a key priority for me. I kickstart my mornings with a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. This sets a positive tone for the day, both physically and mentally. Additionally, I engage in tennis sessions three days a week in the evenings, which adds a fun and dynamic element to my fitness routine.

But fitness isn’t the sole focus. I believe that nourishing my body is just as important. I make conscious choices when it comes to my diet, ensuring that the foods I consume provide the right fuel for my body to thrive. This dedication to fitness and health is integral to my daily routine, as it empowers me to approach each day with vitality and enthusiasm.

What would be your advice for someone just starting to lead a healthier lifestyle and incorporate fitness?

To anyone embarking on the journey of adopting a healthier lifestyle, I would offer this advice: Approach it as an act of self-love. It’s important to remember that every step you take towards better health is a testament to your commitment to yourself. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the process, focus on taking small, intentional actions each day. Consider it a journey of owning your day with purpose – one day at a time. By making gradual improvements and celebrating each milestone, you’re cultivating a positive relationship with your well-being.

Moving forward, what does the future hold for you and Cymbiotika?

Looking ahead, I’m incredibly excited about the future of Cymbiotika. Internally, I’m eager to nurture the growth of our team and foster the development of emerging leaders within our organization. It’s a privilege to watch our team members flourish and contribute to our shared vision.


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