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How would you describe your philosophy on health and fitness?

My passion is offering a variety of workouts and helping women find the right one for them, especially one they enjoy! There is a plethora of exercise modalities that exist in our current world. What works for one person, may not for someone else. The most important component in health and fitness is finding a workout that works for the individual, that they enjoy, and can be modified for their needs.

Talk to us about your growing up years. What is your earliest association with fitness?

Growing up I was NOT a fit kid. I was unfortunately picked last for sports teams and did not have that confidence. After my senior year of high school, I knew I had to make that change. I joined a gym and became heavily involved in working out. I was at the gym 4-6 days per week consistently. The manager approached me and said I should get my Personal Trainer certification. I began studying and did just that! Within 3 months I took the test, passed, and began working at my local gym.

What prompted you to become a personal trainer and start CGM Fitness?

I did go into a bit of my story above for how I became a trainer. Over the next 5 years I worked at local gyms and became well known in multiple communities. I also taught classes and got my group fitness instructor certification as well. By the year 2015 I was teaching 15 classes per week in high end gyms and going to multiple clients’ homes. Sometimes, I would drive 100 miles per day.

By 2020 I was tired, and I knew I needed to make a change. This is when Covid hit. I decided to take my sole proprietorship C.G.M. Fitness and incorporate. I built an online fitness platform on Women take classes live on Zoom and on demand as well. I see clients both in-person and online! I no longer work for gyms!

As an in-home fitness trainer, what are some of the biggest challenges that you have to face? How do you tackle the same?

The biggest challenge for me was the traveling. Driving all over Long Island took a toll on my mental health. Now training online makes it more convenient. My husband and I also turned our two-car garage into a fitness studio! If clients are local, I can see them in person here. I will travel now, but I did increase my fees for traveling as there is both an online and in-person option here!

What approach do you follow in maintaining your fitness level? What does a typical day look like in the life of Cara D’Orazio?

I teach a LIVE class 5 days per week, and it is 50 minutes long. The formats vary each day. Barre, Pilates hybrid, strength, and band are just some of the formats I offer. When teaching online, I tend to do the workout with them. I also record a 25 min. Workout each week to be launched on the on-demand section of the website. I do not feel the need to do extra workouts than the one I teach daily. However, I will walk daily and swim in the summer!

What would be your advice for someone just starting to lead a healthier lifestyle and incorporate fitness?

Find the workout that works for YOU! Not everyone likes barre, but some love it. The key to being successful is to look forward to and enjoy the workout. This will truly encourage you to want to do it more! Working out and eating healthy go hand in hand. Once you begin to workout, eating healthy will fall into place. Of course, in the beginning stages, it is best to consult with a personal trainer and nutritionist to put you on the right path!

Moving forward, what does the future hold for you and CGM Fitness? What are you most excited about?

I am going to continue to run my group fitness classes online and train clients 1:1 in person and online both. I look forward to connecting with more women, inspiring multiple people, and growing from where I am now!

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